Where the Wood Comes From

The City of Baltimore is a national model for how cities should manage their wood waste.

Yeah, you read that right.

We source most of our wood from Camp Small - the Baltimore City Forestry Division's tree salvage program. When the City has to take a tree down - they take it to a yard in Baltimore, where it's sorted by grade and made available to woodworkers like us. We are absurdly lucky to have this local resource, and really proud to be part of creating this urban wood ecosystem.

Not only is it as local & sustainable as it gets, it's beautiful wood & makes better furniture. Urban trees are wild and less uniform, which means more character and interest in the wood.

Another thing that makes this special - we source *whole trees* - not individual boards. We do our best to keep each tree together through the milling and drying process, and reunite them in the form of a piece of furniture. This results in a piece that's both character-rich and wild...and also perfectly cohesive.

We envision a time in the not-so-distant future, where all our wood comes from Camp Small & the City of Baltimore - and together we create a beautiful, sustainable model for other cities to replicate.

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