Our Story

Where we came from.

Sandtown started as a pile of discarded beams on a Habitat job site in West Baltimore. One of our founders was volunteering that day, and couldn't bring himself to put those dusty old boards in the dumpster. Just couldn’t do it. There was something about them that felt special, it wasn’t their time to go just yet. So he hauled them away, found a partner and a woodshop, and we started a furniture company.

Eight years later, the team at Sandtown has proudly stamped our name into thousands of pieces of handmade furniture, no two the same. We have enjoyed lasting relationships with our customers, and we have earned a very good reputation. We’ve taken a few missteps, but none of them sunk the ship. We’ve learned and we’ve grown. But one thing hasn’t changed: we still marvel at the beauty of this old wood. Its strength and quality, the intricacy of its distinct grain pattern, the nicks and notches and other hard-earned marks of character. Indeed, this wood is very, very special.

Where we're going.

At Sandtown we think about the meaning behind our work, about the mark we want to make. Our focus centers on the people who matter most to our company: the team at Sandtown, and our customers. Here’s what we're building, together. 

We're here to create pieces we are proud of, that you cherish forever.  Beautiful pieces, of lasting quality, custom made to your specific needs. Furniture our customers feel a personal connection to, and one that deepens over time. Through our work together, we build relationships with our customers that are genuine and lasting. We do things the right way at Sandtown, and as we grow our challenge will be to never sacrifice that.

We envision a workplace that’s as good as our product. A team where people from all walks find work that’s challenging and fulfilling. A place where commitment is met with opportunity, where the bar is set high and together we clear it, more often than not. The commitment of our team is felt directly in the quality of our furniture. 

We’re proud of what we have built so far, but there is work left to be done - lots of it. We expect that work will be challenging and ultimately, deeply rewarding.

Now let’s get to it.