WOOD for GOOD is the urban sawmill operation we're building at Baltimore Peninsula - where we turn salvaged trees into usable lumber. It's a huge project, and we need your help.

100% of the money earned from these products will be invested into the sawmill operation...which means more wood salvaged + more good jobs for Baltimore.


Here's what an urban sawmill looks like...

Salvaged Logs from the City

Baltimore has an awesome tree salvage program - called Camp Small. When the City has to take a tree down, it's dropped off here...where makers like us can purchase them. Beautiful old oaks & ash trees, and many more.

The Sawmill at Baltimore Peninsula

We partnered with the folks at Baltimore Peninsula to take an unused yard + warehouse and turn it into a sawmill. This is where our team cuts logs down to usable lumber. We have 1 sawmill and need a second - all the money we are raising right now is going to that second sawmill.

The Finished Product

In this case it was white oak, cut to 2" thick boards that will become tabletops. But we'll make a whole host of products here, including WOOD for GOOD products like you see above. And we'll make extra too, to supply local makers and DIYers.


We are part of a village of people at Baltimore Peninsula, doing worthwhile work in the city.